The poems in Atomic Scars are:

Poetic images held together in a fractured music.

A story in atomic form.

A story about the state of love, of the country, of the world.

Remembrance and vision, clothed in sorrow and bitterness, rebellion and gentleness, beauty.

Time as opening and as scars.

Scars as small or as vast as atoms.

The poems were written over several years. And published at a time when atomic questions are suddenly disturbingly present. Strange, or natural.

- - - - - - - -

The book begins like this:

Between the rings of Saturn

you lit                a darkness                   said

          here you go         here the world is shown in

                                                                 its abandoned state of wonder

a snake twisting            its greyish belly

                           across the mountains

                                        a move

towards ocean and oblivion

          an eternity device

                           in honour of               dust and moonland

from                  the brow of the granite beast

stretching out

                           into the void

           the wind greets                           the earth’s quivering masses

                           it knows their space                 from before

and then there is rain

           and old things fade away

your grief against         the other's


           raw merged with raw

                                                   dialogue of the mountains

here you go      you say                        suddenly colours

           in a burst            from the center of the world

Atomic Scars is available as POD (print on demand) - and ebook (EPUB). If you have speciel wishes (a pdf ebook for instance) or questions, please send a mail to 

Atomic Scars is also available as an audio work (in Danish) - the poetic podcast Atomar, which was released in 8 episodes and is availabe at

With music/sound by Rudiger Meyer and readings by Marina Bouras and Jens Albinus.