Modern shaman - an introduction

An introduction to modern shamanism, its old and new realities, the connection with nature as a concrete spiritual practice today, here where we live, and its potential impact on the individual as well as on society.

How are intuition and creative forces connected to nature? What does the connection with nature mean for our lives? What is a modern shaman?
A pathfinder, a nature lover, artist, magician, healer?

There are multiple paths into nature and its deeper layers of reality. And the future of the planet depends on people rediscovering the paths, personal and collective, that turn human care for nature into an instinct, an inner voice we cannot ignore.

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Extract from Fundamental ideas:


"I don’t treat modern shamanism as a religion in this book. There is no tribe or group, no group rituals, no priest-like authority.

     Nor do I view it purely as medicine, in the sense of it having a beneficial effect on the body and the mind.

My focus is on a spiritual yet at the same time very concrete, tangible connection and bridge between people and nature. This connection builds on active forces such as compassion, love, empathy, and attention.

     The words “compassion” and “love” trigger almost automatically a religious/spiritual attitude in most people. This, however, must constantly be contrasted with the very concrete and real connection to nature, which forms the basis for shamanism."

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